Romancea: Ard Al Zaafaran Air Freshener 300ml

Romancea: Ard Al Zaafaran Air Freshener 300ml

Scented Perfumed Dry Air Freshner

300ml Aerosol Can



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Romancea Air Freshener by Ard Al Zaafaran

Fill the air with a cool and clean fragrance.

Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and make the ambiance fragrant.

Top Notes: Tangerines, Apricots and Blackcurrants

Middle Notes: Jasmine and caramel

Base Notes: Vanilla, Wood and Musk

Explore a huge range of Ard Al Zaafaran Air Fresheners for a variety of refreshing and pleasant fragrances.

Alcohol free and safe to use.
Made in U.A.E


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