Hemani Green Tea Oil 

Green tea in cosmetics
The unique composition of green tea makes it one of the universal cosmetic ingredients. Cosmetics based on it is perfect for skin care all ages and types, because green tea extract:
It soothes and heals damaged skin;
It improves the complexion;
Eliminates skin redness and excessive oiliness;
Grappling with acne;
Cleans and tightens pores of the skin;
It contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the skin;
It softens and smoothes the skin;
It combats premature aging and skin fading;
It stimulates the production of collagen;
It protects against negative environmental factors.
Green tea extract is used not only as a part of skin care products, but also in masks and shampoos for hair, bath foams and shower gels. Green tea extract provides the hair and scalp complex care, strengthens hair roots and protects your scalp from dryness, restores hair strength and healthy shine.

Green Tea Oil uses:

– Antioxidant

– Helps moisturise the skin.

– Known for Anti Septic properties.

– Known to provide softness and smoothness to hair.


Ingredients: Green Tea Oil, Olive Oil

Size: 30ml



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Hemani Green Tea Oil 

Scientific Name: Camellia Sinensis

Hemani Green Tea Oil is obtained from the leaves of the Green Tea plant.

Green tea contains antioxidants and a record number of the strongest biostimulants. In total, the green tea contains hundreds of useful substances, including valuable amino acids, proteins, tannins, enzymes, and virtually all the known vitamins. Complementing the unique composition of green tea a set of trace elements and minerals, and precious essential oils.
Green tea extract has pronounced antiseptic and antibacterial properties, soothes and heals damaged skin, normalizes metabolism in tissues, helps to cleanse the skin and narrow pores, improves the color faces . Also, green tea eliminates redness and irritation, excessive oiliness and shine. Green tea extract – a great tool for for young and problematic skin care.
Green tea improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens blood vessels and removes from the body toxins. In addition, green tea extract a positive effect on skin texture, smoothing and softening it. These properties determine the use of green tea to fight the appearance of cellulite.
Regenerating and moisturizing properties of green tea, as well as its ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen skin, makes green tea especially beneficial for mature skin.


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